The hunt order!

Greetings, hunters! A couple of snags, a couple of stores who went MIA, but this should be the final hunt order, including hints! As always, please check the group notices for the most up to date hunt order and hint list, and any other relevant updates. The hunt items themselves are off a bit in numbering, but hopefully will be resolved soon – your best bet is to go by the hunt NC. 😀

01. Ello Poppet
Stop watching so much tv!
02. Pestle&Twig
This gift is pretty dang gangsta.
03. kuroi koneko
You probably shouldn’t eat this gift OR try to sleep in it!
04. Frippery
What’s it doing hiding down there?
05. Acide!
They may be sexy, but this gift is geeky!
06. LoveCats
If we get lucky, we might find it around here somewhere…
07. The Sea Hole
We’re gonna be up front about this hunt gift….
08. Hanaya
What is the responsible thing to do with a game console that you can’t even sell on E-Bay?
09. Heartsick
Burning bright under this light.
10. The Mad Hattery
This isn’t a ghost, but Pacman seems to be enjoying it!
11. Alchemy Immortalis
Santa got an early start this year. You know where he leaves his presents, don’t you?
12. Bad Juju
Can you stand the heat?
13. Moxie
That’s not how safes normally work…
14. Doremi – lilu cheng and hani cheng
Gift 1: Have a little piece of nerdiness with this hunt gift!
Gift 2: This gift is getting back to its roots.
15. Razorblade Jacket
16. Cracked Mirror
This one shouldn’t be a pane to find.
17. Tasty
It’s not quite a flower up in this attick, but…
18. TGIS
We may be geeky, but we are MAXImum awesome 😀
19. Cool Beans
Look down.
20. Boof
Get your geek on with a very NEW hunt gift!
21. Pididdle
Have a seat and rest a little!
22. Grixdale
Saving for a rainy day.
23. Beauty Killer
Zombies play the nintendo, too!
24. Beatnik
If you’re a super short geek, you may need a step ladder to reach this gift…
25. Acid & Mala Creations
26. Skinthesis
No, seriously… look down. 🙂
27. Indigo Oddities
28. M.O.C.K. Cosmetics
29. The Sugar Garden
This hunt gift almost sparkles up there…
30. DownDownDown
If you’re a fan of geeks, maybe you’ll blog this hunt item? 😀
31. .Thump
This hunt is exhausting! If you have time, you should sit and relax for a bit.
32. RezIpsa Loc
How is she able to balance that without falling over?
33. Argyle Anonymous
34. Magnifique Poses
They had geeks in the 80’s, right?
35. Intrigue Co.
Don’t trip up the stairs or you might miss it!
36. croire
Gamers like sweets.
37. undefined lillies
This gift is hiding behind some nests…
Too much TV will rot your geeky, geeky brain!
39. Yellow Berry
You’re almost there! Maybe you can get some games out of your backpack and play a bit before you go on…
40. Furore
What the heck? This isn’t a remote control down here…
41. Atelier Yllanys
See what other guests have done and celebrate being a geek – you’re done!


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I am a hunt. Nerds, you can play too.

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