about the hunt

WTF is a “geekgasm” again?

Easy one. For this answer, we turn to the authority on all things highly technical and important in nature. UrbanDictionary, of course:

A fit of intense geekly joy, happens when a geek runs into someone or something exceedingly geeky not seen every day, or when they get uber excited and riled up; When a geek goes into geekstcy, Has a geek-on; What makes a geek go crazy; When a geek has reached his or her geek climax; The equivalent of a sexual orgasm for a geek.

And this hunt is about…?

Duh – it’s a celebration of all things geeky and nerdy! The Geekgasm Hunt will include stores from all over the grid featuring geeky or nerdy items (nerds are welcome too!). Gifts could be anything from earrings to skins to furniture to … well… we’re geeks. Let’s just say it could be anything.

The hunt will run from June 23rd to July 13th, and hunters will be looking for a tiny prim Nontendo Entertainment System (NES). Wanna come hunt with us? Bookmark the blog, or join our hunt group in SL (search for “Geekgasm” !).

Happy hunting!

  1. Hey! Could you put a slurl to the start location of the hunt on your blog? I’ve seen good stuff from the hunt in blogs, but I have no idea where to start it!

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